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Another Way

Another Way

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Was there 'Another Way?'

COVID-19 has stripped the public of what makes us human; arts, culture, social interaction. All that makes life worth living has been torn apart. Art was locked up and Leisure has become an industry in exile. We ask was there Another Way?

In the Another Way Documentary, Comedian Sean Collins and Keep Britain Free Founder Simon Dolan, embark on a voyage of discovery to Sweden, where they find out how a country dealt the same cards, played its hand differently, and in turn uncover the affect it had on the arts.

“Another Way” Documentary Film Trailer
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The First Lockdown

March 2020

Boris Johnson announces complete UK lockdown amid coronavirus crisis
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Boris Johnson informs the nation that they 'must' stay at home. Closing Galleries, Museums, Comedy Clubs, Music venues and more, the lockdown was a major shock to the Arts and Entertainment industry.

Keep Britain Free
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Keep Britain Free

May 2020

Serial Entrepreneur Simon Dolan launches 'Keep Britain Free' in his legal fight to end the draconian lockdown measures issued by the government. Reports of thousands of business closures and the rising death toll from suicide and untreated conditions fuel the KBF the movement.

No ease on rules for Arts and Entertainment gatherings

July 2020