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Was there 'Another Way?'

COVID-19 has stripped the public of what makes us human; arts, culture, social interaction. All that makes life worth living has been torn apart. Art was locked up and Leisure has become an industry in exile. We ask was there Another Way?

In the Another Way Documentary, Comedian Sean Collins and Keep Britain Free Founder Simon Dolan, embark on a voyage of discovery to Sweden, where they find out how a country dealt the same cards, played its hand differently, and in turn uncover the affect it had on the arts.

The First Lockdown

March 2020

Boris Johnson informs the nation that they 'must' stay at home. Closing Galleries, Museums, Comedy Clubs, Music venues and more, the lockdown was a major shock to the Arts and Entertainment industry.

Keep Britain Free

May 2020

Serial Entrepreneur Simon Dolan launches 'Keep Britain Free' in his legal fight to end the draconian lockdown measures issued by the government. Reports of thousands of business closures and the rising death toll from suicide and untreated conditions fuel the KBF the movement.

No ease on rules for Arts and Entertainment gatherings

July 2020

As the lockdown measures ease across different sectors of the UK economy, it becomes increasingly clear that the government has no desire to help the thousands affected in the Arts sector. A blanket 10pm curfew is introduced with bars and clubs banning dancing. Football clubs are pushed into administration and actors/comedians are forced to find other jobs.

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 12.42.06.png
Sean Collins looks for Another Way

September 2020

With the industry on the brink of destruction, Comedian Sean Collins has lost everything. He begins to question the lockdown and starts to research Sweden, a country well known for avoiding lockdown whilst keep their Covid cases lower than the UK. He contacts Simon Dolan and suggests they take a trip to Sweden and document it to show the rest of the world how it might not be to late to find Another Way.



Sean Collins



Canadian Sean Collins has 25 years experience in stand up comedy, with initial success leading to ‘Best Male Stand Up’ nominations at the Canadian Comedy Awards, a Just For Laughs Gala set at Montreal and his own hour long special on Canadian television.
Since residing in the UK, Sean quickly established himself as a strong performer. His appearance on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow on BBC 1 proved a portentous gig for Sean, affording him the opportunity to perform at The Real Variety Showcase for Jeremy Lee Associates, the UK’s biggest specialist agency for after dinner speakers, awards hosts and cabaret for corporate, industry and public sector events.

Simon Dolan

Entrepreneur and KBF Founder


Simon is a multi award-winning entrepreneur. Simon shot to success with his first business SJD accountancy, the only accountancy firm in the UK top 100 to have been owned by an individual.

A prominent British businessman and investor, Simon has business interests in many sectors including aviation and publishing. In 2020 Simon launched 'Keep Britain Free' alongside his legal fight to end the Governments lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Charlotte Fantelli

Director & Producer


Charlotte Fantelli is an award winning entrepreneur and film producer, director and writer. Charlotte has worked with Simon on different projects in the past including her directorial debut: Journey to Le Mans (Netflix).

Charlotte was chosen to direct and produce Another Way due to her proven track record in making documentaries and her passion for journalistic style film making.


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